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Virtually all parents accept that crawling is a milestone all babies must master, but in spite of this, not many realize why it is so important, or how to motivate their babies to accomplish and get the most benefits from this skill. It is very common to hear some parents say that their baby did not crawl or did not want to crawl. In many cases this is because parents do not have time to properly stimulate their babies to develop this skill or they consider their babies advanced if they walk early and so we cut short a major stage in their physical and neurological development.

Crawling not only means a new way of locomotion: as he moves from one side to the other, a lot of very exciting things are happening inside his little head. More and more studies show that crawling has a paramount connection between the physical and neurological development of the baby which, in the future, will be of major importance in his academic and extra-academic performance.

Crawling allows babies to create connections between both cerebral hemispheres. When the baby coordinates his movements to move in one direction, he mostly first moves the right arm and the left leg and then the left arm with the right leg in a reciprocating motion; this is called cross-crawl patterning. Motor nerve impulses to the extremities originate in each side of the brain cortex and cross in the brain stem in an area called the corpus callosum to supply required motor activity to the opposite extremity. This means that when the baby crawls, both hemispheres must communicate and interchange information very fast. What makes this incredible is that these same patterns, or neurological routes, are the same that later in life will be used to perform more difficult tasks, such as walking, running, passing one object from one hand to the other, or even taking notes in a class while listening to the teacher.

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Dr. Tara Buchakjian has received the highest degree of certification available in the care of Pregnant Mothers and Children through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA). Her lifelong passion to specialize in the care of infants, children and pregnant women lead her to pursue Board Certification as a Pediatric Chiropractor, although she enjoys caring for the entire family. 

Many of Dr. Buchakjian's patients are infants and children. She is the mother of three children as well as a chiropractor and continues to increase her knowledge and skills through additional studies in pediatric and perinatal chiropractic care.

About Dr. Tara
Dr. Tara Buchakjian has received the highest degree of certification available in the care of Pregnant Mothers and Children.
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